XF 2.2 Running xf-dev:entity-class-properties to XF subfolder


Hello! o/
Maybe my question can sound like something dumb. So sorry for that.

Let's imagine the scenario:

Let's suppose that I have an addon called "Portal" (XGB/Portal), for example.
The addon folder has the following structure:

-- www/src/addons/
    -- XGB/
        -- Portal/
            -- Entity/
                -- SomeEntity.php
            -- Pub/
            -- XF/
                -- Entity/
                    -- Node.php
            -- addons.json
            -- Setup.php

Okay, I have created the code to \XGB\Portal\Entity\SomeEntity normally where $structure->shortName = 'XGB/Portal:SomeEntity'. When I run the CLI command php cmd.php xf-dev:entity-class-properties XGB/Portal:Node it works.
But when I try to use the same command to \XGB\Portal\XF\Entity\Node, using php cmd.php xf-dev:entity-class-properties XGB\\Portal\\XF:Node, it brings me an error:

Class "XGB\Portal\XF\Entity\XFCP_Node" not found

Considering that I applied the class extensions correctly like the XenForo Docs says through the ACP. So the XFCP_Node has been automatically created at the extension_hint.php normally.

Based on this scenario, my question is: how can I apply the xf-dev:entity-class-properties to the XF extended class?
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