IPB 3.2.x to XenForo?



I've been playing around with XenForo demos for some time now and I really like what I see. I currently host a medium-sized community (900 members, 57,000+ posts). I've been using IPB for almost a year a now and as the site continues to grow the load the IPB software takes on my server continues to increase. I know a forum software like xenforo would easily cut that load dramatically. Not only am I considering switching just for the performance aspects but also the simplicity. IPB is a very complex forum software and I feel it isn't right for the audience of my community.

When I first opened my community we used phpBB. As we grew bigger we expanded to IPB. Thankfully, IPB has this nifty converting software that made the switch from phpBB to IPB seamless and easy. Does Xenforo offer something like this? Is it simple and straight forward? What and what wouldn't be converted?

As you can see, I have a lot of questions about Xenforo. I hope you all can answer them for me.

Tom :)


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The current IP Board importer only supports 3.1.

I believe another member tried importing a 3.2 database but it failed.

No doubt at some point the list of importers will be expanded to include 3.2.


Awesome. Will permissions, groups, banned members, etc. be converted?

My members don't even use the blog, tag, or prefix feature so I won't be worried about that.

Any ballpark estimate as to when the importer will be updated to allow imports from 3.2?


I've not actually upgraded to 3.2 yet, I was about to when <checkout xenforo> hit my ears... so here I am, about to begin, as per LandOfOoo.


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I'm still on IPB 3.1.4 and will be moving to XF 1.1 pretty much as soon as it's stable.

I've been demonstrating XF to my moderator team and they love it; they want to know when? (y)

I even had a moderator try to "like" a post in the IP.Board Report Centre today ... :ROFLMAO:

1.1's additional features were worth the wait BTW - especially the warn/ban system and the IP tracking/referencing tools for managing members.

Good luck, and I'll post here about my own experiences as/when I do move.

Shaun :D


:) Superb!

Just looking for something to replace IP.Content, that is the only bit I cannot fathom out how to easily swap out.

Maybe something in the wordpress bridge with taxonomies or cpt's but not sure it will feel connected...


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Look at our site www.kairosoft.net, not sure exactly what we're running but everything seems integrated (if you like i'll give you the owner's contact). Using Xenforo as the master and gives us a lot of control, all members autologged on to both if they log on to one, the skin is all matched up and everything although we're still fixing the occasional bug in the Xenforo skin side of things. .


I also will be purchasing XenForo when IPB 3.2.2 is supported in the importer.

/waits patiently