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steven s

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So who is waiting for an iPad Mini?
If you already have an iPad, would you buy a Mini also?
Just curious.

I probably would have bought one but got tired of waiting for a good 7" tablet until the Nexus7 came around.
I needed something smaller than a laptop and larger than my phone.
The last time I traveled it was perfect. Fit in my coat pocket. Easily handled email and even remote desktop into work.
Not a comment on the N7, but reflecting on the size.

It's a shame Apple waited this long to recognize a need for something in between.


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I dont think I'd buy one. I've had all three generations of the iPad, and a Kindle Fire, it just isn't the same having a smaller screen. It'd have to hit that $199 price to even consider it.


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so far Apple team have shown us their failure to obtain jobs' vision. So my answer to your question is "NO" until I see whats new and how is it better than nexus 7 or other product in the market.​


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Since I don't really follow Apple except when it's time to buy a laptop, I had to google iPod Touch.
So what is that? An iPhone without the phone?

Everyone in my family has one and with the wifi it actually saves us a ton of money vs monthly 3g bills. My kids dont have cell phones because the expense would bankrupt us, so they are pretty content with the iPod Touches.


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So who is waiting for an iPad Mini?
I'm going for an MS Surface because it is a full OS tablet device. Apple is going to keep its tablets with the limited operating system so as not to compete with their laptop business. I have an iPad and like it a lot but I'll be selling after getting the Surface which will replace my Netbook, Laptop and iPad.


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Too soon after the iPhone 5 in my opinion. They should have waited till closer to Christmas.
This is Christmas. Apple is trying to attack the Nook/Kindle market, 15 million 7" tablets sold to date, both to gain that market share and to prevent an alternative hardware and OS from getting a base.