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Hi all,

Just having a play around with Xen Foro & the admin cp.

I have a question, well I have loads but I'll stick to one, for now. As Admin where do I see the user IP addresses? On Vbulletin which I was using before, when I click 'Online Members' (or look in their profile in admin cp) I could see all online and offline member IP's but I can't on Xen Foro?


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The data is generally tracked, but the main place it's actually exposed is the spam cleaner. More interfaces will have to be added.
Mike would it be possible to find out which variables we'd have to add to the templates to get these to show. Assuming it's going to be that simple.

I can probably suss out an admin-only conditional to make them display to admins only.

That would do me for now.


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I wanted to take a risk and keep this one *bumped* and in the public eye, because I feel it's a really important issue that isn't getting much exposure.


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I hope nobody minds another <bump>.

I'm amazed so few people have backed me up on this.....

As things stand we cannot see the IP address a post comes from, not the IP addresses in Who's Online. I don't know how others manage their sites, but in all my years of managing communities I could never contemplate the idea that you have some troublemaker on your site and yet you can't find the IP they're coming from.

Please, anyone who agrees with me, back me up! :)

Or should I post this as a formal suggestion somewhere?