IOS 9 Photo Upload


we have a problem with uploading photos from users, having IOS 9.0 . If they try to upload a photo from the mediathek, they get the message, that an error occured, that the loaded file cannot be used, because of its size.

This depends also photos, which have been taken bevor with IOS 8.

And only if the photo is located in the mediathek.

It may be caused in that I have now 3 choices, if I klick on "Select File" - the iphone is showing me 3 possibilities:
a) take a photo
b) select a photo from mediathek
c) select a photo from icloud drive

If I choose possibility a), this works.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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I was confused what mediathek was, but I assume that's the "Photo Library"? I uploaded some photos earlier today from iOS 9 photo library without issue.

Are you able to upload somewhere an affected photo so we can do some testing with it? Obviously feel free to upload it directly to FTP or zip it up and upload it here as an attachment if that's easier.
Hi Chris,

I am German, sorry for the wrong word.

Now I got the idea, to load the photo in this forum and I do not get this Error Message, but it is loading now for 10 Minutes.... - I had this Effect with Google Chrome.

I just changed the sizes from 1000 to 1280 px in my forum, but still the message.

I will load you the photo in here with my normal Computer - Original Size


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I can't reproduce any of the things here with the details you have provided so far.

Are you able to reproduce the issue here in our Test Messages forum, uploading directly from iOS 9 photo library?

If the errors are related to supported file extensions, can you also post your current list of allowed extensions from the Admin CP?
Thanks Chris. I got it :):)

I tried to load the photo in Test Messages and it works. I had a look on the allowed extensions and I had only a few of yours. I have jpg and gif and png. I did not have jpeg - and it looks like that this must be allowed for IOS9.

So it works in my forum now as well.

Thank you very much.