XF 1.4 ios 8

Some of my members are reporting that when they upgraded to IOS 8 they can no longer post images. Is there anything I need to do on my end, or is on apples end?

Chris D

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It is an Apple iOS 8 bug with Safari.

They can use an alternative browser such as Chrome for iOS and it will work fine.

I imagine (and hope) that such a bug would be fixed quite quickly. Hopefully in iOS 8.0.1 which I have heard may be imminent.


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Has anyone determined if the cursor bug is iOS 8 related to. I guess I just answered my own question since I am writing this on my iPad with iOS 7 with no problems.

Chris D

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Never seen it before I installed iOS 8. Almost certainly.

There is a bug report filed here for it, but I suspect it's a browser issue too.
I've been seeing that flickering sometimes also - but from my PC.

One of my members that couldn't upload from his iphone downloaded chrome and it's working for him. The other one says chrome isn't allowing him to upload either.