Add-on Invite-only Registration

Jake Hakoda Shirley

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Hey guys, I am running a project that needs to be invite-only. I know Ragtek has an addon like this, but all of the mirrors to it seem to be gone.

General Functionality:
  • Toggle invite-only registration
  • Change number of invites per group
  • Toggle invitations

Anyone interested in providing this sort of add-on?


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It works, but the Developer ist not active here anymore. So no Updates & Fixes... I am looking for similar & supported Addon too, with Invite Only Registration + Invite Codes + Ref. Links.


Hmm, not working for me, admins getting ' no free invites ' (or similar) run through all the settings a few times now ........

Thom Tyler

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Ragtek's works fine - it's just you need to set the manage invites option for each usergroup with the CP.

I've used it without issue. I'm pretty sure he just updated it not long ago?