Invite all of you try to new addon: Teams Or Groups for XenForo


Formerly Nobita.Kun
Dear all,
I would like to invite you to try out my new addon Teams or Groups at URL:

So what could this addon does?
  • Create Teams/Groups
  • Customize URL Portion
  • Upload avatar for Teams/Groups.
  • Post + Comment system.
  • Manager member in your Teams/Posts.
  • Manager all posts in your Teams/Posts (Apply owner of Teams/Groups)
  • Support extra admin of Teams/Groups also have special permission if you're in other Teams/Groups.
  • Update privacy of Teams/Groups.
  • And more.... :D
Account testing:
Name: Tester
Pass: 123456

There are some demo screenshots:


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Formerly Nobita.Kun
Updated an account for all users can testing if you're don't have account.

Name: Tester
Pass: 123456


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This is looking really nice Nobita :), it's simple yet... has a good amount of features.

Any idea when you'll release it and possible pricing on it?