XF 1.5 Invision Power Suite 4 Redirect Script

Xenforo is going to be releasing the IPS4 importer shortly and we'll need a redirect script. I've helped them test the current beta importer, but I can't go live with the conversion until a redirect script is released. I did preserve all of my content IDs, so I'm told this wouldn't be a difficult task.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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What are the URL formats in IPB4 -> XF (that'd help hugely)? Are there any differences from the IPB3 ones anyway? I wouldn't imagine they'd have URL breaking changes...
I'm not real familiar with the inner workings of the URLs, but if you need me to provide something, just let me know. I know at some point, someone is going to make this script just as all of the other scripts have been published.


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We'd need example "before and after" URLs to make any recommendations. If the URL format hasn't changed though, the IPB 3 redirect scripts would work (though if you maintain IDs, you generally don't need scripts, just .htaccess changes).
Tell me exactly what to ask the IPB staff and I'll put a ticket in and ask them, this way we're sure the 3.x scripts can be trusted.

Chris D

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I can confirm, the scripts appear to work.

I was under the impression the URL structure had changed, but it hasn't, so the scripts will work.