Interview with Russ (PixelExit)

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We've just posted our Interview with Russ (PixelExit) on TAZ. (y)

How did you become involved with the XenForo community?

I first heard of XenForo from John (@smacklan) on Talk Free Lance, although I used vBulletin in the past I wasn't aware of the developers nor did I participate in any official forums. I primarily lurked around an old site called, it was a nice active community at one point but was at it's slowest point when XenForo opened their doors. That was a big thing because I obviously had to spend my time on some kind of forum:D, so I started interacting with the XenForo software and community and just had a blast from day one. I'm member #296, not bad out of 79,000+! I think I've logged on almost every day on XenForo since it has opened, kind of sad, should go in the failure part of my interview.:D

Fast forward to the sale for early customers I bought it within minutes of the sales doors opening up (in fact went out for a break while at work and purchased it on my phone:)). I previously styled quite a few themes for phpBB and knew I really wanted to try out XenForo's styling system. I wasn't involved in any of my own personal projects at the time, so I dug into styling and had an absolute blast with it. Took it day by day since then.

How do you expect XenForo 2.0 to affect your styles?

To be completely honest we're expecting (and kind of hoping) for them to be completely incompatible. Now... let me explain:), the styling system hasn't really changed/improved since the release of XenForo (for the most part), part of the reason I feel is because if they do change something major it could cause headaches for all users which isn't smart for the company itself. Sure you have outdated templates and potential properties to fix but I'm talking more on a global scale. See my suggestion specific for 2.0here, this is something that would be next to impossible to implement this late in the 1.x series, even a year or two ago. But... if they did this for the 2.0 series and more larger scale items like this we'd have to recode everything anyways.

I should say as well... just because the system hasn't gone through major changes doesn't mean it's a negative thing, we absolutely love the XenForo styling system. We are however excited about the mention of XenForo 2.0 using LESS and have been reading up as much as we can on it.