Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate Released


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I downloaded it. And my first impression is it is better than FF, much better. And I do not say that lightly as I'm not a fan of MS.


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I have been running the FF beta for the HTML5 capability. I haven't been impressed. Sometimes I think the beta is going backwards. Then again, it is beta software.

Too bad beta software isn't all up to the xenforo standards!



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I won't be able to use it I'm still on xp. Unless there's an XP version? Which I doubt.
There's not. I didn't find a Windows 7 version either, only Vista. Good that I still have Vista on this computer.
You're not missing anything. I'm not liking it much. On my JRT site, when I type in the editor box it expands height-wise with every letter I type. :eek: