Integration with MODX


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I've been searching the forums and didn't find an answer on this - only peoples wishes and suggestions from last year.

Until now, I've been playing around in Wordpress - but find it has some limits. A friend of ours suggested us to try MODX and it looks really tempting :)

Question now is, if Xenforo works with MODX yet - as Wordpress does?Because if not we won't switch.

Thanks :)


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There is no current integration with MODX that I am aware of...

However if you require it, there are many addon coders out there you can hire to make it for you ;)


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The MODx guys were showing some interest in XenForo (and switching their own community to it), so you may want to ask over there if they're still considering that. I assume that they'd be putting together a bridge and releasing it for that case.


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I realize this is an old topic, but at chance I'm wondering if any progress has been made here.... Looking for a modx > xenforo bridge... really want to try xenforo out with out forums (choosing new forums from phpBB history), and would need this functionality. Also willing to donate/pay for this.


I would be interested in such integration as well. I was initially thinking of usign WP for the site's front-end (switching from vB CMS), but as we use the .NET sibling of MODX (Umbraco) at work, and I've been quite impressed with it, and think I'll switch my plans to MODX instead. It would be quite handy to have unified login/registration with xenForo...