Integrating Xenforo registration with CRM

Ben F

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Hi all,

First post here - new Xenforo user. Great experience so far!

Please excuse me if I've missed anything, but I'm looking for a way to integrate Xenforo with our CRM to add new users to our email list.

We are using Active Campaign, and we want to make it a requirement on signup to be added to our CRM so we can collect user details (with their permission). We'd also want to edit the registration process with a little note telling them it's a requirement, adding privacy policy etc.

We also would like to split the users in two for 2 separate newsletters - one for Scotland, and one for the UK - as in our niche that's 2 distinct types of user with different needs.

Is there a way of doing this - either ourselves or using an add-on?



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Activecampaign user here too (Migrating a big forum to XF soon - I have another forum on XF)

I was searching for CRM as I may start a digital downloads business and wonder how to tally both members and non members that purchase with the CRM.

Forum member CRM
Sales CRM

Forum member - hasnt bought anything - recieves general forum newsletters
Forum member - bought something - receives after sales newsletters + general forum newsletters
Non member - bought something - received after sales newsletters - and invites to join the community
Non member - signed up for pre sales newsletter alerts

Non member in sales CRM - becomes forum member
Forum member in forum CRM quits forum but buys something so joins sales CRM

Typing all that out makes me think that clear tagging in CRM might help make sense of CRM segmentation.

I dont want to annoy the admin of this forum by creating multiple similar topic threads but I will be looking for tips and joining existing relevant threads with questions.

Feel free to reach out via PM Ben - I am not a developer and have no solution for you but I am into CRM / Newsletters and granular segmentation (including custom emails on a per user basis)

Live Free

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Looking for something similar would like to manage multiple mailing lists subscriptions through CRM software or other.