Integrating mysql database tables into xenforo pages

I'm not sure where else to ask this and I can't find any threads that seem to address what I want to do by searching the forums.

Basically what I would like to do is build a mysql database with tables and integrate them into static pages in xenforo. So basically what I would like to do is create a mysql database. I then want a page within my xenforo site where you can select different criteria from the database table and then bring up said selected data from the tables in xenforo.

I know how to make basic mysql database tables, but as far as integrating it into a xenforo site I have no clue. Hoping someone can help me as far as
a. Explaining to me how this can even be done, and
b. If it is something that takes a great deal of expertise, if someone could guide me somewhere I might be able to have this created

Brilliant! I believe this is what I've been looking for. I'll check out the videos in the morning and hopefully they will answer most of my questions. Thanks for the help!