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Import contents of Excel file into XenForo database

Does anyone know of an add on or have experience of coding for the following:

- Read contents of Excel file stored on separate website (not where the XenForo site is installed)
- Save .xls file to XenForo ftp.
- Add contents of Excel file to XenForo database
- Parse database/display queries on page
- Repeat the above using Cron Job so that changes in .xls can be checked hourly

I have got .php code working locally, away from XenForo, but can't integrate it into XenForo. For some reason, whether it is permissions based I have been unable to save the file down. Where is the best place to save a file for XenForo?

I have used PHPExcel (PHPExcel - Home). This code seems to only work by saving a copy of the .xls locally first (through .php fopen) and then reading the file. It errors when trying to read an .xls file from a site that is not where the .php is located.

Any help appreciated.