Integrating into other products


We are desperate to move away from Vbulletin so shopping around for something new.

One thing that I personally find frustrating is that some forum creators want to be everything to everyone, as in create their own CMS and do it badly when there are other well established products out there.

For example I use Wordpress and won't be changing that. It would be wonderful if there was a simple solution to plugin Xenforo for my wordpress comments. I end up with one discussion on the forum and another on the blog. It feels such a shame that the two can't be merged.

I could suggest the same for something like polls. I recall years ago I used UBB and you could take a poll from your forum and stick it on your website homepage. It was quite clunky but the idea was great.

Is there anything like this available for Xenforo or anything thinking around that?

Those are just two examples, but the kind of plugging elements into other products and websites really appeals to me.



The other option , although not ideal, is just to show a feed of of the reples from a thread. We have something like this for Twitter. So if the article has a related topic on the forum, then I can show the replies as a feed on wordpress. Although you have to go back to the forum to reply, it shows the activity around that subject.

Let's say I write an article on wordpress about 'The best curry in the world', I may have like 10 wordpress comments but 150 comments on the same topic on the forum. I want to be able to highlight that all this activity is going on around that subject without just having a boring CTA "discuss this topic on the forum'. I want to be able to show that discussion on wordpress and provoke people to get involved.

I don't know if there is a solution to this.