XF 1.1 Installing 1.1.3 ?


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What do I do here? First time I seen this? There are modifications that may be not applied. Rebuild templates to apply them.


Clicked on it and what next?

Jake Bunce

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Once the files are uploaded and I am installing, how long should that take? It seems to be taking forever...thanks!
1-2 minutes. If it's taking a long time then it's probably on the cache rebuild step at the end. That can take longer if you have a lot of styles / languages installed. If the process stalls then just refresh the page until it finishes.


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Wow, Jake, it has been over 25 minutes...I don't have a lot of styles or languages installed ;-(

It seems to be stick on upgrading...1.1.2 Step 2



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OK, Jake all seems ok now...I had to stop the install, refresh and all seems ok...question...so I now have a few Outdated Templates...Do I have to Revert and then Redo the Code...I did make a copy of everything before I upgraded, but copying the same code would be the same as leaving it, correct?


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Ok, so then it makes no sense to revert and recopy the code, correct? And thank you for your help! This was the most painless software upgrade for a forum or other similar software I have ever done. GREAT instructions and awesome support!