XF 1.4 Installation in Hostgator


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Having trouble with 3rd step of installation in Hostgator C panel.

  1. In the set of files and directories you just uploaded, you will see 2 folders: data and internal_data.
  2. These two directories must be set to world writeable (CHMOD 0777) or give the IUSR_ Full Control in Windows.
Here is what I did (SCREEN SHOOT attached)

But when I go to www.forums.mysite/install/ I get an error.

Please help me out.



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The screenshot implies that you've done it. What's the error that you get?

Potentially related, you appear to have uploaded the "upload" directory, not the contents of it. Your URL would include "upload" in it. If you don't want that, you'll need to either move the existing files up, outside the directory or to reupload them.


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Oh I guess that solved the problem thanks a lot Mike! I might need some more help, but for now I am okay to continue setting up the forum.