XF 1.2 Install Mess up


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Hi I started my upgrade to 1.2 from 1.1.5

Instead of the usual page refreshing automatically, I was with a "continue" button. wHich i clicked whilst it was doing the phrases.. After a while i clicked it and it went to 1.2. complete

However, I get an error:

'The requested forum could not be found."

What do I do?


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What do you mean it went to 1.2.2? Did you have a link to where you are receiving the error message?
I am not sure it did a complete install, I think it might have skipped to the end, when i clicked "continue" is that possible?? Because when i enter my website, there is an error message.

Yes I can give a link through PM if need be.


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To verify, you were upgrading a pre-existing installation or where you installing a new installation completely?


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If you attempt to enter the upgrade system again, it should inform you that you are on the proper version already.

If your able to view it without add-ons, you have an add-on conflict. Turn them on one by one until you discover it.

As to the style being messed up, verify you've merged outdated templates and style properties.


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This is going to sound weird, but i went to the following link,


and was able to continue with the upgrade, but i have to physically keep clicking continue :/


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Why and how did you get to that link?
I began an upgrade for Xenforo from 1.1.5 to the latest (in a hope it would solve some my problems outlined here: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/admin-cp-white-screen.58965/#post-627646) .

I made a backup of my database, disabled add-ons, uploaded the latest Xenforo files, then proceeded to upgrade as usual.

Unfortunately, the installation was not refreshing pages automatically. Instead it forced me to keep clicking "continue". I believe i may have clicked the button whilst the page was still reloading. This led the installation to stop and it gave me a notice saying it had completed. That is when I made this thread.

I returned to the link in my browser: install/index.php?upgrade/run-deferred - and was able to continue from where I was before.. - I also suffered from a server max timeout (thanks rackspace cloud :/ ) and again it said the installation had finished... i returned to the upgrade link.. until completion.

I am so relieved that everything seems to be Ok now. :)

and i can begin to reinstall add-ons.