XF 1.5 Install / convert IPB4.2 to XF test

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Hi All,

I have just taken over a forum and am looking at switching it from IPB 4.2 to XF(2)

This isn't something I plan to be an instant switch, potentially launching into XF2 when its released in full.

So essentially I want to create an XF2 test board, with the IPB4.2 data so they can get a real feel for how the board could be running.

I have read the various guides, and have gathered the only way to do this is to;

  1. Create an XF1.5 board on a test area of my server with an empty independent database (Done)
  2. Create an independent backup of my IPB database for testing and importing from. (Done)
  3. Import the data from IPB to test XF1 installation (Not done)
  4. Perform upgrade to XF2 (Not done)
I have two questions to make sure nothing is destructive to the live board

  1. Will the import process affect the live board (in terms of breaking any elements on appearance / functionality, or performance)
  2. How important is it to make a copy of the live site and import from that? I can appriciate its likely to do with stopping changes to files mid import, but there are times of the day where there are only 2-3 users online. The problem I have here is that I am not currently the primary license holder for the IPB side, so cant download the source files.
Thanks in advance.


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Importing does not affect the source (live) database - it just reads from it.

You should lock the site when importing, otherwise there may be inconsistent data between the stages if content is being changed (new posts, members, etc.).
A copy of the live site with no activity would also suffice.