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Insert All Attachments As Full Size - A cron that runs every hour and adds all attachments as full size.

This add-on inserts all of your attachments as full size after the last line of the post. It will replace any thumbnails that are inserted as well. It will NOT alter any posts that already have the attachments as Full Size.

The cron works every hour and you will be able to choose which forums you wish this to run on. You must choose at least one forum or you will receive an error when the cron is run.

This is a very well optimized add-on, as I have run it on over 14,000 attachments with no...
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Fresh install 1.2.1 with imported content:


But I have to add the several forums manually, too many attachments -> server error
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If I start it manually from the cron-page it stops quickly after the start and a white page appears. It doesn't seem to run fully through.

There are about 800 000 attachments in the forum. Is there a way to get this running?

In phpmyadmin it's not problem to run a query like this one:

UPDATE xf_post
SET message = REPLACE(message, '[ATTACH]', '[ATTACH=full]');[/ATTACH]
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