XF 2.2 Inquiry about spam logs


Hello, I hope you are very well.

I have a question about a problem with spam in my forum:

It turns out that I have a forum for a year that I started to organize it by nodes, to modify the styles etc., however, due to time problems I left it paused and did not continue.

A year later I have 288 registrations to approve, they are all spam, but what intrigues me the most is that 4 users (spam) managed to create around 20 spam threads on one node.

Now my question is: How is it that they managed to publish threads? if at no time have I approved the registration of any user.

I would be grateful if you could comment on your experiences or if there is any risk of losing my entire forum and what complement would you recommend to eradicate spam.
Do all accounts have to be manually approved?

If not, then some of the spam accounts will have been able to register and post - not all of them get caught by the spam filters.

You can use the spam cleaner to remove the accounts and clean up the spam posts.
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