Inline Text Ads


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Hello, I need some help!​
I want to display an affiliate link for certain keywords in my forum. The affiliate links are already created, I just want to implement them somehow. ( Its a manualish process, but lets just assume all of the affiliate links for the apps are created )​
For example, on this thread on my forum the user quoted three iOS apps for his review. I would like to overlay my affiliate links over the three iOS apps that he cited (Temple Run, Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja).​
I was kinda hoping it would be like Digitalpoint's inline ad link overlay system.​
Im assuming this system would use some type of php or database or something. I'm not that great at PHP (well I'm horrible at it, just starting to learn it :p ) , but I am knowledgable with HTML and CSS.​
I'm at a loss with this one. I would even pay for it at this point. Thanks! :D


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I'm looking for this as well. Autolinks is what I'm familiar with. I wish I could do this with XenForo.
I took advantage of the Acronym Expansion function with vbseo . All you needed to do is add a line and whenever someone mentioned this word in a post, it would be replaced with a url of your choice.
Advertisers paid me for this.