Browser issue Inline moderation: Improve node selection list in move threads for iOS

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Safari displays select list items centered:

This creates issues when moderator need understand, where node is placed (in node tree).
I suggest use hyphens instead spaces, like in ACP:

Chris D

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Well, interestingly, I've undone the changes we made previously and we're going to re-open the bug report.

Reason being that iOS 15 is on its way and for the first time in as long as I can remember they’re actually redesigning the appearance <select> element.


They no longer centre align the text. But arguably the new problem here is the list is too narrow.

So we’re going to watch and wait and see if this makes a difference and if so then we’d probably prefer to keep spaces here rather than dashes.

Chris D

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No, not at all.

I'm simply suggesting that as iOS 15 is only a few months away, it may not be worth making changes at this stage.