XF 1.5 Infusionsoft and Xenforo integration


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Hello Xenforo Community,

I would just like to ask if there's a way we can use infusionsoft as a payment gateway when users wanted to upgrade their membership level? We don't want to use paypal, we wanted to use infusionsoft to do the recurring charges and control the restrictions over the membership expiration. Can someone help us?
It would require custom development, or an add-on , if one exists.
Thank you, but do you know someone who has done this setup before? I've been checking the resources section but it seems that no one has ever developed yet changing the payment gateway? Does Xenforo has ever planned developing this kind of add on or feature?
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[BD] Paygate would probably work... but you would have to engage the author to do a custom paygate if they (infusionsoft) have a valid API that he can use.
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