1. Will Franco

    HTTP Post to Create New Forum User

    My CRM can send an HTTP post. I want to send an HTTP Post after someone purchases that creates a new user in my forum. Where do I find the post URL and the necessary key-value pairs needed? Better, where can I find someone to do this for me? Thanks in advance, Will P.S. Is there a 3rd party...
  2. chickencaravan

    XF 1.5 Infusionsoft and Xenforo integration

    Hello Xenforo Community, I would just like to ask if there's a way we can use infusionsoft as a payment gateway when users wanted to upgrade their membership level? We don't want to use paypal, we wanted to use infusionsoft to do the recurring charges and control the restrictions over the...
  3. Carl B

    Infusionsoft to Xenforo Programmer Wanted

    Hi I need a programmer to assist get these 2 talking to each other. Things like add and remove users, check if current paid, duplicate user etc. PM me or reply here. many thx Carl
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