XF 1.1 Index redirection question

Robert F Schmitz

Well-known member
I had the portal set as index.php and the forum then became index.php?forum. I want to return the forum as index.php but folks have booksmarks that point to the index.php?forum. How can I redirect (rewrite?) the index.php?forum >>>index.php?

Robert F Schmitz

Well-known member
When I disable the portal, /tlc3/index.php becomes the forum home. I had a bookmark to the forum page while the portal was set as the index controller and that link was /tlc3/index.php?forum.

After disabling the portal and with the forum set as /tlc3/index.php, that old bookmark throws an error, The requested page could not be found.


Here's an add-on which overwrites the standard xenforo error page if the path is "forum" and redirects it to the forum index page:)

I'm not sure about the SEO effect (i'm using XenForo_ControllerResponse_Redirect::RESOURCE_CANONICAL_PERMANENT and response code 301)