Duplicate  Inbox/Conversation Error


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I will try to explain.(Uh, very complicated)

I have a Conversation running with 6 Users. In the meantime there are over 500 posts (fine,if i could delete some of them ;))
12 posts are showing on one page.
If someone posts the eleventh post of a page, an alert show to the others that there is one new, but nobody can see this post until another post is written.

The alert in the inbox is showing the whole time. So the eleventh post of a side is still in no mans land until another post exists.

Did anyone has this problem too?


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i have read this thread i dont think that this is resolved :whistle:

in my conversation im on page 47 and get this error every new page.


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It's not resolved, it wasn't able to be reproduced.

This though is a duplicate report of the same bug.