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in desperate need of a monthly newsletter

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Discussions' started by gavpeds, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. gavpeds

    gavpeds Active Member

    Hi all i really need a monthly newsletter/digets ad on. One that can pull latest threads, members etc. I have been hunting but only found one really which is xendigest but seems that no longer is getting support from the creator. Is there anything out there like this?
  2. 19ninety

    19ninety Member

    Did you find a add-on to do this in the end? I've been looking for the same type of add-on as in the past its been a useful way to entice non regular members to visit again.
  3. AndyB

    AndyB Well-Known Member

  4. 19ninety

    19ninety Member

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