XF 2.2 Improving Search Engine


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I have a 17 year old forum and have tested the XF SE, Google SE, and threadloom. The vast majority of the time for results users get "
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Looking to get the best search engine available. So far Google CSE has been best, but not perfect. What do the XF experts suggest here? Thanks


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Did you tried XF Enhanced Search ?
We did in the past but it kept killing and recovering on the server. How resource intensive is it? In the past it was taking up way too many resources. Can you suggest what kind of server is needed and/or if it can be hosted on a separate server? Perhaps I'll setup AWS for it.

Tracy Perry

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Yes, it can be hosted in a separate server... and unless you have a hoss of one running your site is probably the better way. Especially if you can get the VPS/server in the same data center and use private IP's to access it instead of public IP's. But if having to use a public IP, be SURE to lock communications down to those two servers for connections to it.