Improvements to server errors UI in admin panel


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Please consider implementing the following ways to improve the server errors UI.

1. Add read/unread status for server errors. If you have clicked on an error and read it, the admin panel should no longer show the message "Server errors have been logged. You should review these." That message should only be shown for new and unread errors.

2. Allow finding the error message you need quickly, i.e. a search box or "Sort by." Example use case: to be able to find all Bing sitemap submissions errors quickly and delete them. Many forums have hundreds of Bing errors, and these messages are useless now.

3. Better ways to delete messages. Add the ability to select multiple error messages and delete them instead of pressing the trash icon and then pressing "Confirm" (this currently requires lots of mouse movement to delete a large number of messages). Also, the way error lists currently work make it impossible to delete old messages if you have a paginated error list. Why? Because deleting a single message on page 6 of the error list takes you back to page 1, which requires browsing back to the needed page to resume the review process, not an optimal workflow.

4. Do not clear server errors when upgrading to a new XenForo version. Errors that happened before an upgrade are still needed for troubleshooting and comparison.

Please remember that some errors take longer to resolve than others (for example, some may need outside help), which means the admin will want to save some errors and delete others. Therefore, it's important for the error management UI to be flexible.
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