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Lack of interest Improvements to recent activity as standard


Active member
I've spent a little while customising the recent activity page and believe there is a lot of potential to improve these areas here are a few suggestions:
  1. Auto update/ Live Feed (There's an addon that already does this)
  2. Like/Comment on status updates from recent activity rather than having to visit profiles first, people do want everything to be as easy as possible after all.
  3. Add a status update option to the page as shown in the image. (I say as an option as I don't think all XF users would want this, but am sure many will)

all the best


Active member
So... basically... turn it into Facebook News Feed? :)
Kind of, it doesn't just work for facebook, but linked in and twitter too! This will be a forum version so you will get drawn into the general forum discussions. The alternative is to make 'your news feed' like it then it really would be like fb/twitter, plus if you don't want it you don't need it, if you do then you may see more activity.

It's so close to having all this as original functionality, if I can code it in anyone can and if the guys at XF do it they could make it a lot better, so the post button isn't so prominent and maybe even inside the text area.

Would also be nice to see an infinite scroller included.