Clicking on Category, routes to Recent Activity (Newsfeed)


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Okay, so I've set my homepage to be my 'recent activity' (newsfeed) page.

But, I'm having a problem.

When I click on a category, instead of staying on the forum home/list page, it routes me to the 'recent activity' page. So, I figured why not just remove the links to the categories on the forum home page. But, that doesn't fix the fact that when I'm in a forum, the breadcrumb with the link to the category also routes me to the 'recent activity' page.

Can I make that 'category' link so that it routes back to the forum home page? Or, can I remove that 'level' within the breadcrumb so that instead of the category, the link goes back to the forum homepage?

Another option I guess would be to remove the breadcrumbs altogether from the forums. If that's the case, how would I do that?

Chris D

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Have you considered the Create Pages for Categories option? You can find it in Admin CP > Options > Node & Forum List.

Instead of the category URL scrolling to the appropriate category (which in your case doesn't work because your forum home doesn't list any nodes) it will instead take you to a dedicated page for that category. I have that switched on over at my boards. So a category link looks like this: And takes you to a cateogry index.

Create Pages for Categories
When enabled, clicking on a link to a category will take you to a dedicated page that only shows the children of that category. When disabled, users will be redirected to the full forum list and scrolled to the correct category.


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I have to leave for work right now, but I'm definitely going to look into the 'create pages for categories' option. Didn't know about that! LOL

Jake, I am not using the Route Changer addon. So, no issues there ;)


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Just turned this feature on myself. Is it possible to show the posts from the forums within that category as well?