Error when clicking on category links in breadcrumbs


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I am getting this error when clicking onto category links in the breadcrumbs:

A controller for the route path forum/ was not found.
I wonder if I caused this by some mod I installed...
That addon probably has a setting to change the index route
yes, it's creating a new index route

No - probably because I don't have friendly URLs enabled and you do. Otherwise, it would've happened if you clicked on Main Category in the breadcrumbs when located on (for example).
I've disabled the Friendly URLS and tried to reproduce it, but had no success:(
I went to and clicked on Main Category in Breadcrumb, which redirected me to
At least i know now, why the new portal index page wasn't working for some users...
If simple portal and route changer are installed, the homepage becomes the default forum page and portal becomes forumurl/landingpage :/
But on my dating forum, it happens clicking onto a category link in breadcrumbs when being on any thread page (i.e.,, this page comes up:

The issue disappears when I disable simple portal :(
I can confirm this too, when simple portal AND route changer are installed

I need to check why isn't working with the route changer addon
Still not sure WHY they're conflicting, but they are definitely conflicting.
If i change the execution order from simple portal to be higher then route changer, it's working, but route changer isn't working anymore:(

That's going to be a long day:D
it's posted in the route changer addon already:D
Let me see what this exactly mean and how we can fix this:)
That will make it so your portal page is at the index, and the old index page is at "forum".

Note that this addon has a conflict with XenPorta. XenPorta has an option to swap out the index:


But the Route Changer addon overrides this option in XenPorta. That is why I added #2 feature above... to allow you to apply the same change in this addon. So if you use XenPorta and want to keep your portal at the index then you need to disable the above checkbox in XenPorta and then apply the route changes in the above example.
there's no option for this ATM, but finally we've found the reason for the problem and what exactly is going on and how to fix it;)

I'll include it into the next version.

It seems that we have to push a small "bugfix release" tomorrow
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