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I posted something similar to this a while back and the more I think about the more I realize that there is room for improvement in the file uploading area.

As it is now if a user uploads a file that is too big for the set server limits, they have to wait to upload the file to the server before and then it will tell them it is too big. So they then have to resize the file on their computer and try again. Clearly this is not an ideal user experience.

I suggest that when uploading a file that is too large that the server should accept any file size and then automatically resize it if it is too large and abandon the error message that it is too big and can't be accepted.
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Image resizing already happens if set in the ACP.

As for other file types, I don't think it's possible to either resize the file or resize to within a set specification. I'm referring to PDFs, zip files, Microsoft Office documents, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files etc.
Oh, my mistake. I didn't realize that the file size and image size where two separate settings. I just made some changes to my config... Please delete this suggestion
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