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Improve the "Like" button

Discussion in 'XenForo Suggestions' started by easiii, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. easiii

    easiii Active Member

    Hello Xenforo staff,
    I have a suggestion for Xenforo 2.0, could you guys improve the "Like" button by adding something similar to what Facebook has with reactions.
    Basically, a Like button, and if you hover the button - on desktop, or press long on mobile you get additional reactions. Having other 4 -5 reactions would help us.

    This should be a big improvement for the Like button, and I'm sure all the communities would see the value in this.

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  2. Amaury

    Amaury Well-Known Member

  3. semprot

    semprot Active Member

  4. RobParker

    RobParker Well-Known Member

    Luke's Post Rating addon is excellent and really helps encourage engagement in content creation. Having something like that in XF2 would be a decent step forward. There seem to be various suggestion threads going all the way back to the first release that are asking for similar things.

    I didn't bother to create yet another new one but some consolidation of these threads would be really good to gauge interest and hopefully encourage an extension of the Like functionality.
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  5. Mr Lucky

    Mr Lucky Well-Known Member

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  6. Dadparvar

    Dadparvar Well-Known Member

    Hope to see it in XF2. We use post rating a lot but hope to see it in core.
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  7. mjda

    mjda Active Member

    I really hope to see this in the core of XF2 as well. I was very surprised to see that it wasn't, but I suppose if only a handful of people liked this suggestion then it's no wonder.
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  8. RobParker

    RobParker Well-Known Member

    The problem is that so many people want it that there are various threads suggesting it. Having it consolidated into one post would help gauge the interest (which there clearly is a lot of).
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  9. Donny

    Donny Active Member

  10. maszd

    maszd Active Member

    xf 2.0 please ;)
  11. Ranger375

    Ranger375 Well-Known Member

    Must have! The add on doesn't tie in with the core as much as I'd like.
  12. ŽivaAkcija

    ŽivaAkcija Well-Known Member

    its for child 11 to 15 years old option, so i vote NO!
  13. Martok

    Martok Well-Known Member

    Actually it isn't, the minimum Facebook age is 13 years old. ;)
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  14. Rayman

    Rayman Member

    +1 to this. "Like" isn't the only reaction to a post.
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  15. Divvens

    Divvens Well-Known Member

    Would certainly help improve engagement, adding 'helpful' or 'funny' and such would also reduce the short post/one word post issue (not completely but in a major way). Just like isn't enough anymore.
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  16. tommydamic68

    tommydamic68 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I agree, since I implemented Luke's Post Rating addon my members have engaged more, great idea for Xenforo core.
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  17. xfdev

    xfdev New Member

    This should be part of the core XF 2.0 imho.
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  18. maszd

    maszd Active Member

    same like github feature, hope will be add on xF.2.0 :)
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