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So i took some time to come up with ideas to improve the Navigation Menu.
If anyone has any ideas/advice that they want me to add or wants to come up with a different version. Let's see them.

XFMG has many features. I think some are being "overlooked" such as the Tags. They are useful but most members are overlooking it or not using them.

So here are some new ideas This is how i think the navigation menu should be improved.

1. The New Menu

2. Sorted by Categories

3. Sorted by Tags

4. Explaination of what each does.

I added links to comments. This way members can get more involved in comments and 4 different links to Albums. There is many ways of looking inside and outside albums.

I think sorting by Tags would be useful. And it would be overlooked less often.


Here is some more photos of things i changed on my Media Page

Also the option to choose between viewing just images or videos. (at moment it's not possible)

I got rid of some double tabs that i found were useless:

-- Here is some more info

At the moment it's not possible to view just images or to view just videos. The only way to know if it is a video or image is to look at the bottom of each uploaded media.

It would be great if we could just "click" and only images would show up or "click" and just videos would should up.

I also noticed double button. Here as you can see:

the "Any" tab does the same as the "Media Index" navigation
the "Site" tab goes to pics/vidoes in just the Categories section
the "Album" tab does the same as "Browse Albums"

Capture (1).PNG

So what i suggest is this:

Getting rid of those double tabs and moving them over under the media navagation and adding the option to "Click" to view just Photos or Videos in every section

Capture (2).PNG

This came up during someones suggestion for another thing. And i started to play around with it more and i discovered some double buttons.

I was able to change that myself. Here is some info for anyone that wants it

-suggestion transfered from xenresources-