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Importing Users from Spreassheet (ex-proprietry forum)

Hi all,

I have searched for this, but not found anything too helpful. I (finally) have sn SQL table of user information from an old proprietry forum that I need to import. It is not a VBB or PHPBB format. It does have loads of similar fields.

I'm trying really hard not to hack into the system and play by the rules - but I'm quite happy to create my own php/mysql scripts to put the user info into the right tables.

I guess my question is which tables do I need to work with and how 'delicate' are they?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
So basically your question is, "how do I create an importer?"

You can look at the other import systems for reference. Example:


There are steps for each kind of data (users, forums, posts, etc). The import steps prepare the data and then they generally make use of the import model to write the data to the database.