XF 1.4 Importing only MyBB users into XenForo

The import tool keeps saying the attachments folder doesn't exist, but attachments on the MyBB board are nonexistent, as it was merely temporary.

I also have WHM, and whether having the two networks under separate cPanel accounts has anything to do with the problems I'm not sure.

I only want the users, and I tried the User Import and Export by Waindigo, but it really failed. I've been at this for five hours now, and I've searched for ways to do it, but I really can't find it. :( To MyBB I moved the community from Ning, and due to the major difference in the software, I lost many members (over 3000).

I really don't want to do this by hand, but I can if I have to. Because of the original move, the community now has about 800 members, but again, I really don't want to do this by hand if there is another way.
This is resolved! I downloaded the merge tool from MyBB and created a new MyBB installation under the same cPanel account as my xF community. Then, I went to bounce.myurl.com/merge and followed the steps. The XenForo import now works, and I have all my members. c:

You really do get what you pay for, though. Thus far, I'm an xF user for life. I'm used to helping style/admin xF-powered boards, so this is my first time owning a license.

:love: Pretty sure I love it even more now. :rolleyes: