XF 2.1 Importing IPB download


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I could not see where this was answered or not and do not currentlyy have an active account to verify myself directly.

First thank you for the importer which saves much much time with not having to go via XF1.5 first.

The questions are simple:

1. Does the new Importer allow import of Downloads files or is the Importer just for forums ?
2. If the answer to q1 is "only forums!" then is the ability to do them considered at all, even if its a year or so all I am asking is if it is "on the table" or not as manual conversion is very time consuming indeed.

Chris D

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We support importing from Forums and Gallery at the moment.

We’ve never actually officially supported importing into XFRM. However with the most recent XFRM release we have implemented all of the necessary data handlers for importing into XFRM and have included an importer that allows you to import from XFRM to XFRM.

Given that we support importing from Forums and Gallery, Downloads definitely makes sense but there is no ETA for that or guarantee that we would.

Creating an importer for that, either yourself or another developer, would be a lot easier now. You have a XFRM to XFRM importer to reference, and all of the data handlers are there. So all of the tools are there which should make it slightly easier.


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My old topic :) I thought it best as its still valid to just post a reply to bring the question back to hand as such.

I wonder , do we now support IP.Downloads import to Resource Manager ?

I was not able to find anything third party wise to do this either but I've not been here for a long time.

It would be 2.2 obviously latest version now.

I still want to do this, and the thought of manually recreating 200 odd downloads then manually via phpmyadmin adjusting all the dates so they reflect properly when they were imported would be a complete nightmare. Had I had under 50 downloads files I would "DIY" it.

Thank you. :)

FWIW this is one of the small tiny things that is holding me back from a licence renew because I've yet to deploy this 'live' as such yet.

I do see another topic asking about this too from way back in 2016, but similar thing really.