Looking for an download page solution


Im looking for a fullsize download page solution for the XFRM.

I already try the "DC.Style Advanced Downloader" but it isnt the thing i need.

The timer is perfect and it works perfectly with external URL downloads.
But there is always one big problem with all the available download page / downloader addons: The Style and the functions do not match with that what i need.

For example the DC.Style Advanced Downloader has two html boxes but the customization functions are very low.
I have rebuild an example page via photoshop to show what i need and what im looking for.
I found a forum and it uses this layout/ addon / download page style.

idk. what addon this is but i wanna also have this on my page.

After pressing the "GO TO DOWNLOAD" button on the resources page, it appears an fullscreen/page with this kind of layout.
Here the rebuild example :
Unbenannt-1.jpgThe sizes are little bit weird, sry for that.
Does anyone know what addon this could be or how to make something like this?

Would be amazing when someone can help me out a little bit with this.
If you are able to play around with html and css the DC addon seems quite appropriate to me.
You can edit the templates of the addon at your convenience.
I think this would be way too much work with the addon. It didnt provide the most functions/ Features that i need and in this case it need too much custom developemt. I didnt have that skills.. :/
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