XF 2.2 Lock download button when daily limit is reached


Hello everyone !

Im looking for a way to show a info or lock the download button for resource manager when the daily download limit is reached.
The problem is that when users reached the limit, they can press the "Go to download" button..
It refreshes the page and the user lands on home.

This is not ideal.
Better would be to show a notice "No more Daily Downloads" or something like this.
Or to hide / lock the download button.
I see a other forum (forget the name) long time ago. He has the function that the download button changes to a button where stays "No Permission To Download"

Only option in UserGroup Settings that i found is " Show upgrade button instead of download "
But this is the wrong setting for this i think.
When i set this to Yes, a user cant download anything. Even when he has not taken any download per day.
It drags him directly to the user upgrade page.

Maybe a solution where the user is routing to the user upgrade page only when the daily download limit is over ?

How can i set something like this ?
Any ideas ?
Maybe with an addon ?

Feel free to give ideas (:
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