XF 1.2 Importing from vB 3.8.7

Did a lot of research on XF and I love it... today I pulled the trigger and bought a license and now begin the move to XF but have a couple questions.

I have just installed XF (this is a test install first only).... Want to install, import, and go over all settings and styles before I actually move the main board.

1) I completed the install and was told to create a master account name. So I did... however in the import instructions it says to import any data (in my case from vB) no data must exist in XF yet. However, I just created an account during startup. Now, I did not create any posts or do anything yet.... all I did was install. Am I OK here?

2) I am confused about the Table Prefix in the configure importer field. What is that? What should mine be?

3) Same with Force Character Set?
Thanks for the reply Brogan,

For the table prefix, it appears empty... here is what I see....

$config['Database']['tableprefix'] = '';

Should I leave this field empty?

Towards the end of the config file I see this under MySQLI Options

$config['Mysqli']['charset'] = 'utf8';

So I just type, utf8?
Ok I did that but I get an error saying table prefix or database name is incorrect.

Database name can't be wrong.... doubled checked....


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Are you pointing it at your live vB database or have you taken a copy? Are you sure the copy is complete? (Does the database you're pointing at have a "user" table.)