XF 1.5 importing from phpBB 3.1.6, to XF 1.5.15, to XF 2.0?


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I'm inpatient waiting to save the money for a second XF license. So my question is, can I open a pbpBB 3.1.6 forum, then when I have the license, go from that, to XF 1.5.15 , then to XF 2.0? And if so, where do I find these importers? Or are they built in? Thanks!!

Chris D

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The importers are built in. In XF 1.5 they can be found under Admin CP > Tools > Import External Data.

If you were testing the process now, I'd recommend importing into XF 1.5.x then you can just do a normal upgrade to XF 2.0.

At some point in the relatively near future (either before or after the stable release) you will just be able to import directly to XF 2.0.