Importing class site...a few unique needs

Fred Roemer

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I like xenForo so far. I have an extensive class site using vBulletin (4.1.5). It's been going since 1999, first with UBB and then with vBulletin. I've read the details about importing a vBulletin, and it looks doable.

Here's what I'm not sure about:

1) Each class (usergroup) from 1999 on has its own permissions. There are other user groups, as well. With over 40 forums, how hard is it to set that many permissions.
2) Is there a blog function?
3) My students' security is important. I don't allow guest to see student user names or user posts. I have one section for public use, where I post newsletters and homework, etc, but students can post in the public section. Guests can only see the public section. Is that possible with xenForo?
4) My students love having a full-featured shout box. It keeps them on the site. Got one? Oops! Just saw Taiga! :)
5) Can I have an arcade with xenForo? I have quite a few educational SWF games. An arcade increases interest.

That's a lot of questions. I appreciate your time. Congratulations on creating this software. It is beautiful, and I would jump on it in a second if I were just starting out.


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1) You'll have a little bit of work though, but it's certainly doable if you have time :)
2) Yes there is, if you got a license you can download the [LN] Blog add-on.
3) Are the student user names the forum names? If so you'll best wait for XenForo 1.1 where you can set a Forum Name for certain forums (thanks to the Custom Profile Fields funtionality). But there is no problem in hiding the other forums to the guests.
4) Yes indeed Taiga :D
5) Not yet :( You can put the code of the games in Pages though. It'll work as good as an arcade ;)


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3) My students' security is important. I don't allow guest to see student user names or user posts.
The Members List is available to all including guests, though it would be easy to remove that for guests. Click on the Members tab at the top of the page to see an example.

From a server/sql security viewpoint, I think you would be quite pleased. :)

Feel free to go here and sign up for a demo, it literally takes a few seconds and is completely automated.