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XF 1.2 Importing again.. and again


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I want to get the importing steps down by repeating them a few times.

On my beta board I imported successfully from vB 3.8.

Today I want to do it again so I deleted attachments and avatars per:

I want to drop all tables per instructions, but I can't figure out how do so via command line. Can I simply drop the xen database and recreate it?

After the database is cleared out - won't I be logged out? How do I proceed with re-importing at that point?


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Thanks. I will make a clean master backup this round. (But I did not originally)
But I am concerned about dropping tables and not being able to login to do another import? Do you know what I mean?

I am starting to think since I did not do the clean backup originally that I just wipe out my xen directory, reinstall, add add-ons, do a clean master backup... then proceed to import.
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