Importing...and importing again ?


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Crazy question. I currently have my vb forum running on my server, and a copy of xF. Right now I am configuring my xF forum, to ultimately take the place of my vb4 after I get all the settings/features. If I import my vb database now, just to see how it looks with all the forums, posts, etc, would i be able to "reimport" my vb forum when I am ready to go live? Or will something not go as I am thinking it should? Would it essentially overwrite the info?



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just drop the xF database when ready the second time, and reinstall xF and re-import.

I'm sure it's safer to make your move when xF is stable (I hate that Gold word :D) so You are going to reinstall anyways ;)
So go ahead import and play around :D

Jake Bunce

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I agree with Blandt. When it comes to imports I always recommend doing a "clean" import when you are ready for production. No double imports or anything like that.

For test forums in general I recommend using them as a point of reference in applying your customizations to the production environment (as opposed to building on your test environment).