Fixed Accept the cookies again and again after each log out/log in

Tracy Perry

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Happens to me also... I could say something about smart alecky like it's an EU feature they are testing (specifically for Germany).... but honestly it's probably a bug in the new cookie acceptance code. ;)


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Is it really necessary to log out? I never log out and don't have the issue with the cookie acceptance.


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Slightly off topic... currently when cookies are cleared XenForo requires users to reenable push notifications. This is unlike every other website that just automatically resets the cookie for "push notifications on" for those users that have already agreed to turn on push notifications previously. Requiring a user to doing something over and over will just cause them to eventually say no.



This is still an issue on version 2.2.12.
If a member does not consent to third-party cookies, then their cookie consent is cleared when they log out.