imported vbulletin 4.0


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For me the attachments are very important, so I hope it will be available soon. Xenforo is stunning and I am just a happy owner of a brand new license :)

I need to stick to VB4 for a while until I can import all data including the attachments.


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Hi all,

In case your wondering import works with 4.0.

Only the attachments are a fail :) I must say the import went very smooth.

Attachments are handled very differenlty 3.8 - 4.0
How big is you VB database if you do not mind me asking ? Thanks


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I managed to modify the code and it imported my vb 4.0 perfectly.. Really just had to change some column names in the importer file..


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If we had a forum for just members I would post the function itself, but all the mods I did were in the stepAttachments function..

Luke F

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Tried importing my vB4 installation, but got a few errors while importing PMs and [video] didn't work along with attachments.

But forums, threads, posts and users imported more or less without issue, giving me a good testbed to work on until a proper importer is released :)