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Hello Admins and Everyone. I hope everyone is doing well.

I am very new to this forum and to be honest I don't have any idea what Xenforo is. But I faced a problem and for that matter I am here to ask a question.

There is simulation game of Cricket which produces commentary with few codes (attached with the post) and when we post the commentary on that website (attached picture) it comes up in good colors and well managed manner but when I try to produce the same in another Xenforo containing forum it doesn't produce the same colorful commentary. Why?

The forum is which is on Xenforo but doesn't work with the codes and there is another forum with Xenforo known as which works with these codes and the commentary looks pretty decent and colorful there.

If there is any solution to it please let me know so I'll try convince the mods at cricistan website so the commentary looks decent and we can gather people for some fun cricket league.

Thank You.



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You will need to address your concerns to the site owners.

If they require support, they can post in the customer forums.
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